Why take the PADI Advanced Course?

There are always good reasons to continue your diving education.  The PADI Advanced Course is a great first step to gain confidence and expand your diving abilities. 

Most divers are happy to find out that the Advanced program does not include lengthy class sessions or final exams.  There is also less emphasis on the basic diving skills you learned in your PADI Open Water program (like mask clearing).  So what is the purpose of the PADI Advanced program?


Gain Experience / Build Confidence

The Advanced course is designed for newer divers to assist them in gaining more diving experience with an expert instructor.  You instructor will take you on your first dive below 60 ft (usually close to 100 ft.), show you the wonders of night diving and teach you how to have a better idea of where you are underwater with tips on underwater navigation. This will allow you to build confidence in your diving and ultimately will allow you to have more fun!

Improve your Diving

The PADI Open Water program is packed with all sorts of skills – Reg Recovery, Mask Clearing, Out of Air emergencies…these are all important skills to learn, however, as you progress as a diver, you will find that there are some core skills you will want to continue to practice.  In the Advanced program we will focus on these core skills to help you improve your diving abilities. 

These core skills involve buoyancy control, trim (your body position as you float in the water) and propulsion (how you move underwater).  As these skills will give you more control, they ultimately become the foundation for any type of diving you will choose to pursue such as, underwater photography and videography, wall diving, deep diving, wreck diving, technical diving, etc. You will also notice other benefits such as improved air consumption rates and an increase in your underwater awareness (as you will be less preoccupied).

Allow You to Access New Dive Sites or New Areas of Old Sites

There are many dives and charters both locally and when you are travelling where you will need additional training and experience.  Whytecliff Park has deep wall dives covered in cloud sponges and other marine life, the HMCS Saskatchewan and Cape Breton both lay in 90 ft – 100 ft of water.  The blue hole in Belize or the “Back Side” of Molokini Crater in Maui are well known dives in the tropics that also require additional training.  By taking the PADI Advanced Course and getting a few dives under your belt, you will get the most out diving both here at home and when you go on your holidays.

Cloud_Sponge_Rock_FishList of local dive sites that would require PADI Advanced Certification:

“The Cut” at Whytecliff Park – Wall dive with Cloud Sponge. – Shore Dive
Ansell Wall – Wall dive in Howe Sound – Shore Dive
“The Power Lines” on the Sunshine Coast – Wall dive with Cloud Sponge and Gorgonian Coral. Boat Dive
The HMCS Saskatchewan and HMCS Cape Breton – Artificial Reefs in Nanaimo. Boat Dive
World Famous “Browning Wall” in Port Hardy – So much marine life your brain cannot even process it! – Weekend Trip
Night Dives at any site - Experience the changing marine life at night such as bioluminescence, octopus, giant prawns, sailfin sculpins and more!

Don’t Let the Name Fool You….

Don’t expect to leave the program as an “Advanced Diver”.  Taking a course is only one part of becoming a confident diver, you have to gain experience by diving.  By successfully completing the program, you will have expanded your abilities, learned new techniques and received feedback from an instructor on how to get the most out of diving!

Let’s get it started!

If you are looking to get more out of diving, check out our calendar and contact the experts at Ocean Quest and we will get you started on the next step. 

Click here for more info about Ocean Quest's PADI Advanced Course.

By Greg McCracken - Owner, Ocean Quest Dive Centre, PADI Course Director, DSAT Technical Instructor Trainer

If you have questions for Greg, please email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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