The Ocean Quest Difference

We Make Diving Fun

We haven't forgotten that the reason people want to dive is to have fun. This is why we go the extra mile in everything we do to ensure that all of our students and customers have a great time!

Ocean Quest is the most active dive shop in Vancouver and offers a variety of experiences to cater to divers including social events, guest speakers, and organized dives.  We specifically cater to divers of all levels including beginner, experienced and technical.

The lowest student to instructor ratios for PADI Open Water - Learn to Dive training in Greater Vancouver

When teaching people to dive, Ocean Quest utilizes the smallest student to instructor ratios in Greater Vancouver. Our ratios are typically 3 to 4 people per instructor when diving in the pool or ocean.

Many stores use ratios of 6 or even 8 students per instructor and often have a different instructor throughout your program.


Ocean Quest is the most accredited PADI Dive Centre in Greater Vancouver and across Canada. Ocean Quest is the only dive centres in Canada to earn PADI's highest dive centre rating - the PADI Career Development Centre. In addition, Ocean Quest holds the PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre , TecRec Centre and PADI Freediver Centre.


Over the past 25 years, Ocean Quest has earned many "Certificates of Excellence" and other accolades from PADI including an Award as one of the top 3 dive centres in Canada for recruiting new divers and top dive centre in British Columbia for continuing education.

Ocean Quest is the only dive training facility in Greater Vancouver registered with the Private Training Institute of BC (PTIB). 

Ocean Quest has received the Diver Acquisition Award by PADI as one of the top three dive centres in Canada for entry-level training!

Ocean Quest has won the PADI Continuing Education and Master Scuba Diver Contest held by PADI in our region (British Columbia)!


Ocean Quest has been the most active instructor training facility in Western Canada for the past 25 years. Ocean Quest is owned by Greg McCracken and Deirdre McCracken. Greg and Deirdre have been actively involved in the diving industry for over 30 years and continue to actively teach diving and dive for fun.

Greg has been teaching diving for 30 years and has issued over 2100 professional level certifications and over 4300 certifications in all levels. Greg continues to be enthusiastic for teaching and diving. Every year, he makes a strong effort to learn and evolve as an instructor and as a diver. Greg's training expertise spans from entry level to professional training to sidemount diving to technical diving. Greg truly enjoys assisting his students in meeting their goals as divers.

Deirdre has been a PADI Instructor for 30 years. Aside from being owner of Ocean Quest, Deirdre has held many key positions within the local diving industry including being a past board member of the Artificial Reef Society of BC (ARSBC) as well as the past President of the Dive Industry Association of BC (DIABC). More recently, Deirdre has been involved in projects that have been in partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium, Aquatica Submarines, Marine Life Sanctuaries Society (MLSS) and the Underwater Council of BC (UCBC).

Ocean Quest has the most experienced team of diving educators in Greater Vancouver and specializes in recreational, career and technical training. Our lead instructors hold ratings beyond basic instructors and have been actively training divers for over 25 years!


Our many years in the industry give us unmatched expertise in all aspects of diving.  We can offer you advice for equipment, service, training, where to dive…you name it.  Our advise has even been known to save you money!  We are here for you…use us!

Consistent Instructor Staff

You will have the same instructors involved throughout your whole course. This ensures that student’s skill levels are tracked throughout the program by the same instructional staff and allows instructors to recognize and focus on student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Many stores use a “Modular Format" to teach their programs which means you will have different instructors throughout your program.

Quality Diving Equipment

Good equipment is essential to be comfortable as a diver. This is why Ocean Quest stocks its rental department with quality dive gear including Weight Integrated BCD’s, xDeep Rental Backplates, quality Aqualung Fusion Drysuits and proper diving undergarments.

Ocean Quest is the only dive centre in Greater Vancouver to provide their students with custom fitting neck and wrist seals on their drysuits (essential to keep you dry!) and high performance drysuit undergarments (to keep you warm)!

Student rates

We want to make diving easier for you. Our special student rates on rentals and purchases making diving affordable.

Organized dives / Active Diving Community

Every weekend we conduct free organized dives to make getting out diving easy after your course is complete, PADI Divemaster and buddies provided! We also conduct boat charters every month in Howe Sound, the Sunshine Coast, and Vancouver Island.  Ocean Quest always has an active group who are always looking for new dive buddies.


Our reputation for professional, quality programs has made Ocean Quest the only Dive Centre in Greater Vancouver to hold contracts with major Post Secondary Institutions such as Simon Fraser University and BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), and Capilano University.

We work in partnership and provide services for many other entities including:

  • The Vancouver Film Industry
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Marine Life Sanctuaries Society (MLSS)
  • Underwater Counsel of BC (UCBC)
  • Aquatica Submarines
  • Scouts
  • Cadets


Our expert knowledge and experience allow us customize every program to offer students the absolute best in diver training.  No matter what level of diver training you are interested in, Ocean Quest instructors will ensure that your program takes your diving skills and knowledge to the next level.

Aside from recreational dive training, Ocean Quest has expanded to be the most active instructor/career and technical training facility not only in Greater Vancouver but in all of Canada!

We Dive!

This may be obvious, but you will find many dive centre owners and instructors rarely dive for fun.  At Ocean Quest, we are all passionate about diving!  We all dive for fun!  Our enthusiasm for diving is clear when you visit our facility, take a course from us or join us for a fun dive.  Although it may be simple, but the simple act of diving for fun and loving diving allows us to stay connected with our customers and the industry.