Learn to Dive in Two Weekends | PADI Open Water Course

Dive into the most comprehensive PADI Open Water program in Greater Vancouver

Discover the exciting adventure of the underwater world...

As leaders in the diving community, Ocean Quest's unique PADI Open Water course has evolved over 25 years to offer customized training that goes above and beyond typical learn to dive courses! We are proud to offer the most complete learn to dive program in Greater Vancouver!

Course Overview

The Ocean Quest Learn to Dive / PADI Open Water Course 2 Weekend format offers high quality instruction over an easy two weekend schedule.

You will attend an orientation session on the first Wednesday evening, followed by two full days of pool dives and custom theory review sessions.

During the second weekend, you will complete your 4 ocean dives and earn the PADI Open Water Diver Course Scuba Certification!

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Ocean Quest’s 2 Weekend PADI Open Water – Learn to Dive Course

Not all PADI Open Water Courses are the same – at Ocean Quest you will receive the following training advantages:

  • Learn in a Drysuit – As leaders in the local diving community, Ocean Quest was the first and still one of the only dive centres in Greater Vancouver to exclusively train their students in drysuits. This will keep you warm and dry during your ocean dives. We have quality Whites Drywear / Aqualung Fusion Drysuits in our rentals which will offer a perfect fit. Our drysuits also have changeable neck and wrist seals so we can customize the fit just for you.
  • Drysuit Undergarments are Included – Ocean Quest was the first and still one of the only dive centres in Greater Vancouver to provide students with proper thermal undergarments to wear under your drysuit. This will ensure you stay warm and comfortable.
  • Low Student to Instructor Ratios – Ocean Quest was the first and still one of the only dive shops to maintain a ratio of 3 or 4 students per instructor both in the pool and ocean. This will allow our instructors to offer additional attention to each student so we can teach you more details on how to be a better diver. Many dive centres have groups as large a 8 students per instructor.
  • Exclusive to Ocean Quest – Customized Information and Training – Over the years we have found that the better your training, the more you will enjoy diving. To accomplish this, Ocean Quest has put together a unique learn to dive program that will go above and beyond the basic PADI Open Water Diver course. In our program, you will learn:
    • How to have better control of your buoyancy
    • How to be properly positioned in the water (trim)
    • How to move more effectively through the water using a variety of propulsion techniques
    • How to dive more efficiently with your buddy
    • And much more….

Often Imitated – Never Duplicated!

Ocean Quest’s PADI Open Water Course (Learn to Dive) program includes:

  • Use of scuba equipment including drysuit, undergarments and proper diving fins
  • PADI eLearning
  • Over 5 hours of pool training
  • 4 x Ocean Dives (5 Ocean Dives with Drysuit Specialty certification upgrade!)
  • Special student discount on most equipment purchases
  • Free one day rental coupon upon completion of your certification (Ocean Quest rentals include all equipment but mask, snorkel, fins, lights and dive computers – rentals available) – Valued at $155!

Upgrade to earn your Drysuit Specialty certification for $129.99! Includes one additional dive during your course. The extra dive allows you to gain additional experience and explore our local diving. Regular price for the Drysuit Specialty is $399.99.

Minimum Age – 12 Years Old – 10 & 11 Year Old Children may be eligible for PADI Open Water training. See Ocean Quest Staff for details.

Once you register for your PADI Open Water Course, we will send you your eLearning link so you can get started on your PADI Open Water program right away!

You can register for your course through our website or drop by the shop or call with credit card to register @ 604.436.1157. Spaces are reserved on a first come first served basis after receipt of payment.

Mask and Snorkel Requirement

Due to the importance of fit, comfort and hygiene, the PADI Open Water Course does not include a Mask and Snorkel. Students are expected to provide their own personal mask and snorkel for the program. Ocean Quest students receive a 15% discount off all diving masks and snorkels.


All students must complete a Medical Statement prior to any in water activities. Please consult Ocean Quest if you answer “yes” to any of the medical question as you may need to see a physician prior to the course start date.


Students are required to complete a 200 m Free Swim or 300 m Swim with Mask, Snorkel Fins plus a 10 minute float for the course. Please contact Ocean Quest if you feel you may have difficulty completing this requirement.

Note: Individuals who do not meet the swimming requirement are not eligible for any refund. See our Course Transfer and Cancellation Policy for more details.

Ocean Quest Course Transfer / Cancellation Policy

Ocean Quest strives to offer the best training available at all levels. To accomplish this, there is often a lot of pre-planning and logistics that occur prior to your course start date. This includes scheduling instructors based on group numbers, booking pool time, organizing equipment, etc.

Course Price: $799.99 + GST

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Learn to Dive in Two Weekends | PADI Open Water Course
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Learn to Dive in Two Weekends | PADI Open Water Course
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Learn to Dive in Two Weekends | PADI Open Water Course
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Learn to Dive in Two Weekends | PADI Open Water Course
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Learn to Dive in Two Weekends | PADI Open Water Course