Why take your PADI Instructor Training at Ocean Quest?

Ocean Quest is Canada's largest and most active PADI Instructor training facility. With over 25 years of instructor training experience, Ocean Quest has assisted literally 100's of divers to meet their goals as PADI Instructors. Ocean Quest integrates it's unique training approach into all of it's programs. At the instructor level, we give our candidates insight on how to take diving and instructor to the next level so our instructor graduates can be more successful. Based out of Vancouver, BC, we have some of the best local diving in Canada.

Ocean Quest is the only PADI Career Development Centers in Canada - The PADI 5 Star Career Development Center classification is an award achieved by elite dive centres worldwide.  It denotes a dive centre which excels in PADI Instructor Training and in preparing individuals to succeed as dive professionals through specific career training. Ocean Quest has achieved this award every year since 2004.

Ocean Quest's 7 month - full-time Career Development Scuba Dive Instructor Certificate Program is the only scuba instructor career program of its kind in the world!

Teaching Experience – Ocean Quest has issued well over 2100 instructor level certifications and over 10,000 certifications in all levels.  Our professional staff continue to be enthusiastic for teaching and diving.  Every year, our instructor staff make a strong effort to learn and evolve as instructors and as divers.  We truly enjoy assisting our students to meet their goals as divers and professionals and has instructors around the globe enjoying successful careers in the diving industry.

Diving Experience – Our professional development staff have a vast array of experience from recreational diving to wreck and technical diving.  We are the only facility in Canada that can offer instructor training both at the recreational and the technical level.

Industry Experience – Our professional dive instruction is lead by Greg McCracken, PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer),  Deirdre Forbes McCracken, PADI Master Instructor and Fabiola Ruiz Aquilar, PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer). Greg and Deirdre are the owners of Ocean Quest Dive Centre a full service Five Star PADI Career Development Centre. Fabiola is Manager of Training at Ocean Quest.

Greg has been teaching diving for 25 years and has issued over 2100 professional level certifications and over 4300 certifications in all levels.  Greg continues to be enthusiastic for teaching and diving.  Every year, he makes a strong effort to learn and evolve as an instructor and as a diver.  Greg truly enjoys assisting his students in meeting their goals as divers and diving professionals.  Graduates are employed with exciting and successful careers in the diving industry around the world!

Deirdre has been a PADI Instructor for 25 years. Aside from being owner of Ocean Quest, Deirdre has held many key positions within the local diving industry including being a past board member of  the Artificial Reef Society of BC (ARSBC) as well as the past President of the Dive Industry Association of BC (DIABC). More recently, Deirdre has been involved in projects that have been in partnership with Aquatica Submarines, Marine Life Sanctuaries Society (MLSS) and the Underwater Council of BC (UCBC).

Fabiola is an experienced PADI Course Director, technical diver and Manager of Professional Training at Ocean Quest. Fabiola graduated 2009 from an Ocean Quest conducted career program. After spending time working in the diving industry in Mexico, Australia and Ireland, Fabiola made her way back to Vancouver and started working full-time at Ocean Quest. Fabiola is directly involved in all of our Career Development Scuba Dive Instructor programs.

As a team Greg, Deirdre, Fabiola and the rest of the Ocean Quest crew will help you reach your goals as a highly skilled and qualified diver and diving professional.  They are committed to making your course the best possible program available and constantly work to add value above and beyond the basic credentials.

Cold Water Training - British Columbia has some of the best diving in the world. Being cold water trained will offer you many advantages over tropical training.

  • Drysuit Diving – Drysuit diving requires more skills and mastery of buoyancy control. By completing all of your diving in a drysuit you will achieve a higher skill level than divers in the tropics.
  • More Challenging Diving Environment – Our local diving consists of cold water and variable visibility. This environment requires us to adjust the way we dive. We have to have better awareness of our depth, dive buddies and navigation. You will find that we teach many techniques that are specific to diving in our local environment that are not taught in other areas of the world. The techniques that you learn here, however, can be applied to anywhere you go.
  • More Respect – Our instructors are highly respected around the world. We are focussed on quality instruction. We are not focussed on seeing how many instructors we can train in a year.

Next Level Skills - Although you are training to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, there is always more room to improve your personal skills and awareness. During your PADI Instructor Training with Ocean Quest, we will help you develop your skills and awareness to the next level. We will also give you insight on how to impart a higher level of skills development to your future students.

Fun - This is why we all dive right? Teaching should be the same! We are well known for our energetic yet easy going teaching style, we will balance real world application and professionalism to that you have a great time while you learn!

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