PADI Wreck Specialty

PADI Wreck Specialty

Wreck diving is a highly specialized type of diving which requires a specific set of skills, knowledge and techniques.  Although Wreck Specialties rank as one of the most popular specialties taught by instructors, dive centre’s, and resorts, it remains difficult to find instructors who have training and experience in proper Wreck diving techniques.  At Ocean Quest, we specialize in the specific skills knowledge and techniques needed to properly dive in and around Wrecks.  Aside from conducting an enhanced version of the PADI Wreck Specialty, we have also created our own exclusive Wreck Penetration Distinctive Specialty through PADI TecRec (PADI’s Technical Diving Division) to fill in the gap left by the industry with respect to proper Wreck training.  Whether you are looking for a simple introduction to Wreck diving or aspire to become a serious Wreck diver, by completing your Wreck training with Ocean Quest, you will learn a skill set that will enhance your diving in all environments.

The “Enhanced” PADI Wreck Specialty Course

The PADI Wreck Specialty course is designed to be a simple introduction to Wreck diving.  At Ocean Quest we conduct an “enhanced” program as we elaborate on theory and skills consistent with proper Wreck diving techniques not covered in most generic programs.  The intent of the program is to give a thorough introduction to Wreck diving and will include four training dives including one supervised penetration dive on one of our local artificial reefs.

Tuition - $599.00 – Includes Boat Charter

Price includes basic equipment (Regulator, BCD and Weights).

The required equipment is available as follows:

  • Personal equipment (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots and Gloves) Rental - $30.00.
  • Drysuit rental - $75.00 for entire program.
  • Primary light rental - $20.00 (including batteries)
  • Dive Computer - $30.00
  • Compass rental - $15.00