Wreck Penetration Distinctive Specialty

Wreck Penetration Distinctive Specialty

Exclusive to Ocean Quest!

Developed by Greg McCracken, PADI Course Director, Technical Instructor Trainer

Previously known as the "DSAT Wreck Penetration Specialty"

Wreck diving is a highly specialized type of diving which requires a specific set of skills, knowledge and techniques.  Although Wreck Specialties rank as one of the most popular specialties taught by instructors, dive centre’s, and resorts, it remains difficult to find instructors who have training and experience in proper Wreck diving techniques.  At Ocean Quest, we specialize in the specific skills knowledge and techniques needed to properly dive in and around Wrecks.  Aside from conducting an enhanced version of the PADI Wreck Specialty, we have also created our own exclusive Wreck Penetration Distinctive Specialty through Tec Rec (PADI’s Technical Diving Division) to fill in the gap left by the industry with respect to proper Wreck training.  Whether you are looking for a simple introduction to Wreck diving or aspire to become a serious Wreck diver, by completing your Wreck training with Ocean Quest, you will learn a skill set that will enhance your diving in all environments.

The Wreck Penetration Specialty course is the only Wreck Course that focuses on the specific skills and knowledge to properly dive inside the overhead Wreck environment. Certification will allow you to penetrate wreck within recreational limits are defined as 130 linear ft / 40 metres from the surface and within the natural light zone of the entrance. The PADI Wreck Specialty Diver Course does not meet these requirements.

Theory topics will include Equipment and Configuration, Wreck Penetration Hazards, Wreck Penetration Techniques, Dive and Gas Planning and Emergency Procedures

During the one confined or limited open water session and four open water dives, students will learn and practice buoyancy and trim, propulsion techniques, gain experience in the proper use of a reel, practice specific emergency procedures and perform two penetration dives.

Equipment Requirements: Students can use their regular equipment for the Wreck Penetration course, however, it is important to be aware that wreck penetration diving has very specific equipment needs and configuration.  Students interested in pursuing wreck penetration should discuss their goals with Ocean Quest staff and receive proper advice on equipment choices and configuration.

Important note: Due to the nature of wreck penetration diving, student must demonstrate acceptable performance in this program prior to earning certification.  Enrolling in this program is not a guarantee for certification.  In order to optimize the potential of being successful in this program, students are encouraged to meet with their instructor to discuss how to prepare for training.


Tuition - $649.00 – Includes Boat Charter