OxyCheq 55# Vertex Signature Series Wing


The OxyCheq 55# Vertex Signature Series Wing is our go to wing for double tanks. Oxycheq wings are designed for maximum streamlining and air flow. They fit perfectly around you cylinders to avoid the “tacoing” effect you see with most other wings.

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The 55# Vertex Signature Series for Doubles. Inner Bladder/Single Inflator Wing in 360 degree design. Very streamlined providing for less drag and less energy expended when swimming.

This 360 design allows for better trim and buoyancy characteristics than the older horseshoe designs.

Design: 360 Degree
Outer Shell: Cordura 1000 Denier with 5 ounces of Urethane
Inner Bladder: 25 Mil Urethane
Lift: 55 Pounds / 25 Kilograms

Weight: 3 lbs 7 oz / 1.36 kg

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Weight 1.5 kg