Wreck & Technical Courses

Wreck & Technical Diving

Ocean Quest is the most active technical diver training facility in Greater Vancouver. We routinely conduct PADI Tec 40, PADI Tec 45 (with TMX 45), PADI Tec 50, PADI Tec Trimix 65 programs throughout the year. We also conduct the exclusive to Ocean Quest - Wreck Penetration Diver Specialty and Technical Wreck Penetration Diver Specialty.

Ocean Quest is now offering TDI programs including Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures, Helitrox, Extended Range and Trimix.

Both PADI TecRec and TDI Technical Diving programs have their own unique benefits. Ocean Quest will assist you in navigating your technical diver training path to offer you best of what each agency has to offer.

The Ocean Quest Difference

For over the past 25 years, Ocean Quest is only dive centre who has actively and consistently conducted technical diver training in the Greater Vancouver area. Like all of our courses, we will add many extras to your technical diver training beyond that of what is outlined in many technical programs.

Outside of the typical tech skills, we will continually focus on the foundational skills - buoyancy, trim, propulsion and awareness and how they apply to the technical diving environment. We are extremely detailed oriented and will work with you until you have a solid execution of all the necessary skills of a tech diver. We will test and build upon your ability to problem solve as an individual and as a team member through scenario based failures and drills.

We are experts in decompression theory. All of our technical diving programs include extensive and up to date decompression theory so you have the knowledge and understanding on how to plan and execute decompression dives.  We will guide you on how to apply decompression theory to your dive plans so you have full understanding of best practices and strategies for your technical dive planning. We don't teach you to just blindly follow your computer or decompression software.

We exclusively teach specific team diving principles and "Human Factors" to improve the successful outcomes of your technical dives.

We guarantee that our technical diving programs are unmatched in the industry.

We also have a full array of Wreck training that includes entry level overhead wreck diver training to full technical wreck.

Our programs are conducted to the most current standards followed by the technical diving community.

Ocean Quest routinely organizes technical specific charters and trips to places such as Howe Sound, Egmont, Victoria,  Nanaimo and Comox.  We are always looking for new areas to explore.

Training available in backmount or sidemount!

Contact Ocean Quest today to learn more about how to get involved with technical diving!