PADI Tec TMX 45/50 Trimix Distinctive Specialty

PADI Tec TMX 45/50 Trimix Distinctive Specialty

Ocean Quest was the first dive centre in the world to conduct this new program from DSAT!

The TMX 45/50 Trimix Distinctive Specialty will teach DSAT Tec 45 and Tec 50 divers how to use helium mixtures to off set the effects of narcosis within the depth ranges of thier certification levels (150 ft - 165 ft).

The course will address the advantages, disadvantages and practical uses of helium mixtures and is a great way to gain experience in preparation to Trimix 65 training.

Divers will be certifed to use Normoxic (min 21% O2) Trimix mixtures with a maximum 20% He with a maximum of 20 minutes of decompression time.

Tuition: $395 - Includes PADI Trimix Manual - Trimix and Deco Fills billed separately. Student(s) are responsible for instructor fills.