Technical Diving Equipment Requirements List

Equipment List

Choosing proper equipment for your technical diver training is essential for your success. The equipment used in technical diving has evolved for more than two decades and can be very specific often down to the smallest details. This comes down to performance and configuration for ease of use and streamlining.

It is strongly recommended that you discuss your equipment needs with your technical instructor at Ocean Quest prior to making any purchases.

We will make sure you invest in the proper equipment the first time around ultimately saving you time and money. All Ocean Quest students and customers will receive special discounts on equipment purchases.

Below is a general list of the equipment required for technical diving.

General Equipment

  • Mask - Low Profile
  • Back up mask - Frameless / low profile
  • Fins (Non-Split) - Good sculling fins with spring straps
  • Small knife fitted on harness
  • Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) - Minimum 5 ft. / folds in drysuit pocket
  • Finger spool - 100 ft
  • Primary Reel (optional) - Sidewinder style / simple and well constructed
  • Wrist compass
  • Wetnotes
  • 2 x dive computers or bottom timers - Computers must have gauge mode capability
  • Primary light - High wattage canister light with rechargeable battery and goodman handle
  • Backup Light - Low profile / LED
  • Drysuit - Good mobility with 2 x thigh pockets / dry gloves

Complete Backmount Doubles or Sidemount Set Up - Contact Ocean Quest Staff for details and recommendations

Deco Bottle Set Up

  • Luxfer 40 Cuft Tank with DIN Valve
  • DIN Primary 1'st and 2'nd Stage - High Performance with good hose routing / balanced second stage
  • 40 inch regulator hose
  • Low profile pressure gauge - no boot
  • 6 inch high pressure hose
  • Proper labels and rigging

Drysuit Inflation for Trimix Diving

  • 6 or 14 Cuft Cylinder
  • Drysuit inflation regulator including OPV
  • 20 - 22 inch hose
  • Mounting device