Vancouver Dive Shop Review

Jules Wilkins - 5 Star Google Review

I just completed my open water course. I signed up for group lessons but ended up being the only student remaining for the ocean dives...lucky me. Even better, between dives I chatted with other instructors as Phil (and no doubt every other Ocean Quest employee) basically knows everyone in the industry. What I liked most though is that these guys are not out there to sell you anything. Sure they have products and services that they need to sell to keep the doors open, but it is genuinely more about promoting the sport and giving top notch advice.A word of advice: Take your courses in their entirety here. We had in our group two students who only did the pool here and the open dives they will do in their tropical destinations. I will be actually diving and enjoying my experience in Cancun while they will still be learning their required skills during their vacations. They will be lucky to fit in an actual thrilling dive. I will also arrive with all my personal gear properly fitted, never peed in, properly cared for etc. while they will be dealing with so-so rental gear that sort of fits and will do the job adequately but not the best. I really lucked out in deciding to take my course at Ocean Quest. Was it all great? No. The fins on my first pool lesson hurt my feet and I had to ditch them, and my first BCD had seen better days, er, years. My regulator on the first ocean dive was hard to breath with. Those are minor issues, but the test of a top notch business is how they deal with such issues. For example, Phil traded regulators with me and dealt with the labored breathing himself (Phil's personal reg was perfect!). Ocean Quest is absolutely my go-to dive shop!

Patricia Caines - 5 Star Google Review

We love Oceanquest and the team of folks who are always helpful and thoughtful every time we stop in for a gas fill, or whether it’s to chat about course options, upcoming dive trips or just to swap stories with other avid divers. The place seems to be constantly buzzing wth activity and they always make you feel like part of the team. We love the technical instruction and courses and dependable staff!

Jacqueline Davelaar - 5 Star Google Review

Just completed our Open Water and Dry Suit course....entire team has been very welcoming and supportive. Special thanks to Noah for helping us through the open water sessions.

Callum Lehingrat - 5 Star Google Review

I had so much fun getting my open water certification + drysuit certification with ocean quest! The enthusiasm of the instructors was contagious and made me love diving. The instructors were always there to help me when I was having problems. They were also extremely funny and nice! I would 100% recommend this place to anyone looking to get a diving certification. It's quite cool!!

Shauna DeRoy - 5 Star Google Review

I asked these guys for what seemed like an impossible product to find and was amazed by the level of service Greg provided! Needless to say he found exactly what I was looking for thanks again guys!

VN Warry - 5 Star Google Review

In my opinion, Oceanquest represents the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, experience and customer care available in the city right now. As a semi-retired instructor myself, Oceanquest is where I will send my children to learn SCUBA when the time is right - and that is the highest praise I can give.

Derek L - 5 Star Google Review

Awesome shop! My dive buddy and I have been to quite a few dive shops around town and Ocean Quest Dive Centre is by far the better of them. Great service. Knowledgeable staff. Low prices. You can't ask for anything more!

Brad Johnson - 5 Star Google Review

Greg, Deirdre and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Best dive shop in town.

Russell C. - 5 Star Yelp Review

Awesome. Dive shops, above all else, need to be friendly, genuine and trustworthy. Ocean Quest is that and more.

Their rental fleet is in extremely good condition, their tanks fills are fast and always good, the courses are scheduled regularly and run by very knowledgeable instructors and the service is top of the game.

You can ask them anything and always get an educated, honest and experienced answer. They'll bend over backwards to get you diving and having fun. They won't sell you something bad - they want to see you return, and you will. Diving is too much of an adventure not too.

In your quest for fun, Ocean Quest is an excellent store and training facility worth getting wet over.

Rainmum S. - 5 Star Yelp Review

Simply the best Dive shop out there for service and support.They don't want to just teach you they want you to keep diving and having a good time.They have very skilled instructors who are patient and answer all your questions.They will never sell you something you don't need and always give you sound advice and support.They also organize summer events for all divers of all levels to get to know each other and meet knew dive buddys.

Dave A. - 5 Star Yelp Review

Excellent dive shop with extremely knowledgeable instructors and a terrific selection of dive gear and accessories.  I've done several courses with them and thought it was time to send along some kudos.  Greg, Ken and Stuart are all lots of fun to deal with, and are great teachers as well.  They also know their stuff when it comes to selecting and recommending the equipment you need, and should have.  A very professional operation I recommend highly.

Darin J - 5 Star Yelp Review

My 12 year old son and I did our drysuit specialty certification through Ocean Quest. Ken, the store manager, did a great job of finding out what our needs were and making certain that those needs were met. He also set us up with Mark, our instructor for the day. Mark did a great job of walking us through the pre and post dive briefings and he made both dives the perfect blend of time spent on required skills for the certification and time spent enjoying the Porteau Cove dive site.

I will definitely be using Ocean Quest for future dives on the coast!

Lauren Hayden - Five Star Facebook Review

These guys are awesome! I did my Open Water with them. I was a little nervous, but they knew what they were doing and made it a great experience for me. If you are thinking about doing diver training or if you are just looking to get equipment, these are the guys to talk to!

Karl Germyn - 5 Star Facebook Review

My wife and I took our PADI Open Water course through Ocean Quest -- a wonderful experience. Our certifications were at Whytecliff park and our pool dives at SFU. Excellent staff, very knowledgeable, and a great experience overall. I will absolutely continue my dive career and education through this dive shop!

Kyle R. Timmons - 5 Star Facebook Review

Just had my first closed dive with Ocean Quest's open water course. Love it and they really know their stuff. Want to add more to your playground to your world? Take the open water course!

Allan Hay - 5 Star Facebook Review

Great shop, knowledgeable staff. They have the answers and gear you need! Thx for years of help.